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Our creative philosophy is simple. Tell the most interesting stories with simplicity and interesting, credible characters who speak from the heart. Then assemble a dedicated, passionate and talented creative team to act, shoot, record, score, orchestrate, light, design, clothe and edit those characters while they experience these stories for you, our audience, with integrity, humor and compassion.


That’s what everyone at Moonlight Man gets up every morning determined to do. Create and deliver great stories with honesty, persistence and hard work.   


As our busy founder, Olive Gallagher, who earned her MFA in Screenwriting from the presitigious American Film Institute in 2009, expands her producing and writing horizons in the Pacific Nothwest, Journeys continues to move forward towards principal photography, hopefully in 2015.  With our brilliant team of talented designers and supporters remaining loyally on board, we’re pleased to announce the addition of and continuing interest in two new films on our development slate3 OZ., a terrorist thriller, and Blame It On My Youth, a romantic comedy and winner of a 2009 Sloan Scholarship Award.

...even a family secret couldn't destroy a love this strong. The big bang in a tiny box. Would you rather be forever young...or forever young-at-heart?

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